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Address validation: Verify addresses quickly, easily and at unbeatable conditions!

What we check for you


Address cleansing: Postal check for postcode, city, street and house number. Enrichment of federal state, district municipality key and geo-coordinates. Top quality, damn cheap.

Email check

Check email address for correct syntax and accessibility of the email server. Check deliverability of the email box. Prevent bounces internationally and worldwide. Very simple solution!

Phone numbers

Enrichment of german telephone numbers. Search for the address or telephone number in the current telephone directory. 


Fake check, online VAT ID number check, individual services such as duplicate matching, relocation matching or deceased matching.

Top Service

Fast response times to support cases, individual and personal advice, flexible solutions. Implementation service for you on request. People with experience work here. And everything is GDPR-compliant.

How to check

Webservice/ Rest-API

Optimise data where it is generated! Real-time checks on the website or in any application. Response times in the millisecond range, depending on the product. See documentation

Mass check/ File upload

Upload Excel- or CSV-files and download the results. Practical for fast, mass validation of data in batch processing. Simple, intuitive and affordable. Demo

Individual check

Check of addresses and data here on the website. Manual check for testing a limited product selection, intended as a demo and for small quantities. Simply register for free and get started!

How it works

You should find it easy to make a decision for the Adresslabor:


  • Watch our demo videos for a first impression.
  • Register for free and test with 1,000 credits worth 10 € without obligation.
  • Sample programmes for integrating the web service into your applications can be found under Documentation.

What it costs

We have absolutely fair conditions for our services

  • no contractual obligation
  • no minimum term
  • no minimum purchase quantities
  • no basic fees
  • favourable prices even for smaller volumes

Efficient data maintenance for tidy customer data

The Adresslabor offers you up-to-date data maintenance with the help of modern tools. Correct and clean up your customer directory by checking addresses, e-mails and telephone numbers!

Incorrect entries in your existing customer data may seem inconspicuous at first - but they often have noticeable negative effects. Incorrect data records often result in considerable administrative effort. Through consistent data maintenance, you can minimise the potential economic damage.

Data cleansing through address validation and further steps

Use us for data cleansing of your customer entries. We quickly and reliably correct any errors. Avoid duplicates, i.e. double entries that differ only in a typo or number error. After all, you want to prevent your mail from reaching the customer in duplicate because of such an entry.

For this purpose, we carry out address validation, for example. In addition, our portfolio also includes:

  • eMail check
  • Telephone number check
  • Name check.

eMail address in the database maintenance check

In the digital age, email is increasingly becoming the communication channel of choice when it comes to providing your customers with information. If a visitor to your website enters his address incorrectly during registration, he will not receive any of your messages; in the worst case, the entire registration process will fail because the confirmation e-mail will not arrive. With our e-mail address check, common incorrect entries are detected directly so that the system can correct them immediately or display an error message to the visitor.

In addition to checking email addresses, our database maintenance service also includes the analysis of telephone data. Through automated test calls, you can thus determine which numbers are outdated and therefore no longer in service. In addition, we find missing customer telephone numbers for you or determine the corresponding addresses on the basis of telephone data.

Postal address validation: address update and address cleansing

By running a postal address check on your database, you ensure that your letters, flyers and other correspondence actually reach the person they are intended for.Our address update automatically corrects numerous typical input errors, such as abbreviated street names or transposed digits in the postcode. In addition, address cleansing helps to filter out entries that are not meant seriously, for example "sample city" or "test street". This ensures that you do not incur unnecessary packaging and postage costs for items sent to fantasy addresses.

You can use our various offers for data maintenance in different forms: as individual tests, as mass checks or in the form of API interfaces for the input mask of your registration form. Would you like to see the process of our validations in an example?

Your advantages as a customer of the Adresslabor:

  • immediately available, simple implementation, one interface, many services
  • everything necessary for data cleansing can be found on this website
  • Cost reduction and increased success through high-quality data maintenance
  • available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • no investment in training, hardware/software or maintenance
  • fair prices, top conditions, no long-term commitments