Address Check World


The Address Check World supplements or replaces the "Address check DACH". With this service you can check postal addresses worldwide. Official, country-specific street directories are used here, sometimes down to house number level.

We check the combination of postcode, city and street for class 1 countries (see below), detect spelling and typing errors or transposed numbers in the postcode. If a component in the checked address is incorrect, we return the standardised spelling and corrected results, provided we can match a correct address. Available internationally.

For countries of class 2 - 4 there are only partial or no street directories. See PDF download.


Source: Interface for international address checks.

Availability: Worldwide, detailed list see below.


  • Always the most up-to-date reference tables/ street directories
  • Reliable delivery by post worldwide
  • Available down to street level for the most important industrialised countries, often with house number accuracy
  • Checking of P.O. boxes and large recipient postcodes as well
  • Extended output fields/ additional information


Price per request fromto Creditscorresponds in €
11.00050,00,50 €
1.0012.50040,00,40 €
2.5015.00030,00,30 €
5.00110.00025,00,25 €
10.00120.00020,00,20 €
20.00150.00015,00,15 €
50.001100.00013,00,13 €
100.001250.00010,00,10 €
250.001500.0007,00,07 €


1.000.0006,00,06 €
> 1.000.000 on request

All prices quoted are net prices.

Technical information

Product keySC_INT
Mandatory fieldsstreet, zip, city, country (optional: hno separat or included in street),
further country-dependent mandatory fields, e.g. state in the USA
Available countriesworldwide
Reference typeWeb service API, mass check, single check (only in version 1)

In the web service, there are 2 versions of the international address check, which are queried with the URL and respectively.

Version 1 technically corresponds to the address check light and is sufficient for many countries. Version 2 has additional input and output fields for special addresses or countries. Details can be found in the documentation.

Complete table of countries

Download country table by continent (50,9 KiB)

This PDF file contains all available countries with the corresponding quality classes.

Our reference data for countries of class 1 are characterised by an area-wide street directory. Country-specific features are taken into account. Innovative matching technologies and analysis procedures as well as country-specific rule systems guarantee a high degree of accuracy.

Country table (Class 1)

ContinentISO (2)Country
 GBGreat Britain
 SMSan Marino
 CZCzech republic
North AmericaUSUSA

Next steps

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Detailed information

Worldwide address cleansing, international address validation and standardisation of postal addresses (for the most important industrialised countries and Euorpe consisting of postcode, city and street). The combination of the address components is checked for validity, the address is marked as correct or corrected and standardised in the event of slight deviations in spelling. Numerical errors in the postcode and simple typing errors are corrected. In the case of larger deviations or incorrect addresses that cannot be clearly corrected (ambiguous hits), a warning is issued. If necessary, manual research should be carried out or the customer should be given appropriate suggestions for correction on the website. Completely unassignable addresses are marked as invalid.


This has several advantages for you

In the best case, the address entered by your customer is correct and everything is fine. Depending on the application, shop and offer, this takes place in over 90% of cases. Congratulations, if you get close to 100%, then you may have no need for an address check.

But it is the other 10% that produce unnecessary costs and effort. Addresses are misspelled or logically incorrect for a variety of reasons. There are people who enter the district instead of the city or the district instead of the official place name. Others simply mistype the postcode or get distracted during the entry process and forget to enter a part. Some are just too "lazy" to enter a long but correct street name and abbreviate it.

You can also spot jokers relatively quickly who enter a fantasy address on your website or application and don't really want to get into business contact with you. Some people are afraid to enter their real data in a web form. While this is legitimate, it won't get you anywhere in business. Sending your goods or advertising to "Teststreet 999" in "12345 Sample City" is likely to be quite unsuccessful, but expensive.

This leads to follow-up costs that you do not expect at first. Mail and parcels are returned with the note "Undeliverable" or "Recipient unknown". The postage is gone, the turnover does not come, the internal handling costs increase. Your advertising fizzles out with such addresses.

You may also get duplicates in your database with unmaintained data because your system does not know phonetic duplicate search or you have additional discrepancies. Your hard disk certainly won't mind duplicate data records. Storage space has become cheap. But an advertising mailing without prior address matching again leads to a wrongly spent marketing budget and, in the worst case, to the annoyance of your customer because he has the mail in his letterbox several times. Do angry customers like to buy from you?

The Address Check Pro (World) from in cooperation with a leading partner prevents all these pitfalls. Come and visit us, register free of charge and without obligation.

Do it better, do it fully automated and online, whether by individual check, Api interface or mass check with Excel/CSV files: Do it with us!