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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How will I be informed about the status of my credits?

You can see your credit status on the top right of the homepage. You will also receive our weekly credit report by e-mail on Tuesday. This informs you about the consumption of credits per product and in total. Both for the reporting period (one week) and in total. If you have not made any queries in the past week, we will not send you a report.


Why should I pay in advance?

We have purchase costs for some tests and want to make sure that we do not "pay on top" here. Unfortunately, there have been attempts at fraud in the past. Our system is open to all. Sign up and get started...! Please understand that we have to protect ourselves in this respect. We have special solutions for regular customers. Send us an email.


How do I prevent my credits from running out?

For regular customers, we activate our "subscription invoice". In this case, you determine the minimum level of credits from which an invoice is automatically triggered. You determine the amount of these invoices yourself. The credits are credited to you immediately. You can pay conveniently by bank transfer or give us a SEPA direct debit mandate. Talk to us about it.


How secure is my data?

We are aware that, depending on the test combination, you transmit personal data to us within the meaning of the Federal Data Protection Act.

Adresslabor uses SSL certificates, i.e. encrypted connections between you and our server. Our server is located in Germany. Our provider "Netcup" is ISO-certified and guarantees the highest security standards.

We have taken extensive technical, organisational and conceptual precautions to ensure that your data does not fall into the wrong hands. We do not store or collect any information about your requests. So-called "pooling" does not take place.

We only log what we need to calculate your available credits: When you triggered which test. You can find more information on our privacy policy.


How do I know that the quality of the validations is right?

Simply test it free of charge. Ultimately, it is always a question of the price-performance ratio. No provider can solve 100% of all special cases correctly. Neither can we. But behind our products is a team of developers that has been working with large data volumes, ERP systems, direct marketing and data warehousing for more than 30 years.

Found an error in your results? Let us know about problems via the contact form or by e-mail to We will take care of it and provide you with a solution as soon as possible.

We look forward to your feedback, suggestions and criticism as well as praise and recommendations.


No result in the singel check or only grey fields?

If you enter personal data and have not entered into a commissioned processing agreement with us, no result will be returned.

If it is not: Please refresh the page (F5 key), empty the "cache" of your browser and try again. If it still does not work, please send us a short description of the problem.