News May 2023

New website

Our new website has a familiar look, but is state-of-the-art under the hood. This makes planned further developments easier. In addition, is now "responsive" and can therefore also be used on mobile or tablet.

Feel free to change the language to German or English. Under My Account, Edit account, set the language for email communication in the "Users" block. 

Login - reset your password

You already have an account with We have migrated your data and you should find it unchanged under "My account". However, you need to be logged in for this. To do this, please reset your password once. This was already encrypted in the old CMS system so that even we can not see it. Simply use the reset password - process.

Address-Check DACH

Our new "Address Check DACH" now covers the entire German-speaking region with Germany, Austria and Switzerland incl. Liechtenstein. P.O. Box or large recipient addresses are also checked.

We also provide additional information on confirmed or corrected addresses: federal state, district municipality key, City suffix and postal code type are provided at no extra charge. As a user of our web service you only have to change the API URL. Information about this can be found in the current documentation. The new result fields are already included in the mass check. 

Would you like a little more? In the version "Extended" (product key SCX) you get back additional geo-coordinates, population figures, governmental districts and more. You can find the prices here.

Info for customers of Fundraisingbox: We are in contact with the service team of Fundraisingbox and take care of the integration of the new Address-Check DACH. Until then, the existing address check can continue to be used as normal.  

New connection service

You would like to integrate our API into your system and do not have any internal IT capacity free? No problem, we'll be happy to do it for you. Whether it's a webshop, fundraising, ERP- or CRM system. We help where we can at a fair price. Contact us or send an enquiry to . We will clarify the details in an online workshop.

Find the error

Not everything is brand new, but all processes around your account, registration, newsletter management, credit purchase, etc. have been migrated. We have done a lot of testing and worked hard to keep the transition painless for you. If you still encounter a bug, please report it to, gladly with a screenshot or the error message in the text. We will take care of bugfixes immediately. In urgent cases you can reach us by phone at +49 (0)170 3 55 22 01.

Thank you! Already 10 years.

This year in August it will be exactly 10 years since the first address check ran through our server. A big thank you to my long-time and loyal customers like you. Without you everything makes no sense and it's no fun.