E-Mail Check


The e-mail check (product key EM) checks your e-mail addresses for correct syntax and has an integrated mx check. This determines whether there is an e-mail server behind the domain at all. 

With the "e-mail check extended" (product key EMX) we additionally contact the mail server and check whether an e-mail is accepted by it (mailbox check). This takes a little longer and is possible via the web service or the mass check (not with individual check).

Availability: Worldwide


  • Prevents bounces/ undeliverable e-mails in advance
  • Increases the accessibility of contacts through correct e-mail addresses
  • Alerts the user to typing errors already in the registration or login process


Price per request fromtoCreditscorresponds in €
150.0002,00,02 €
50.001100.0001,50,015 €
100.001250.0001,00,01 €
250.001500.0000,70,007 €
500.0011.000.0000,50,005 €
ab 1.000.001 0,40,004 €

All prices are net prices.

Technical information

Product keyEM, EMX
Mandatory fieldsemail
Available countriesworldwide
Reference typeMass check, web service API, individual check (EM only)
PerformanceEM: 10.000 E-Mails approx. 2 min., Ø 12ms/ E-Mail
EMX: 10.000 E-Mails approx. 1:00 Std., Ø 360 ms/ E-Mail

Next steps

Register now and test it free of charge. Or watch the demo video for the email check:


Detailed information

Our eMail address check checks for correct syntax, the existence of a mail server (MX check) and in the extended version (EMX) also the accessibility of the eMail mailbox. The latter, however, takes a little longer than the normal eMail address check (EM).


With Adresslabor's web service API, we detect errors in the email address in advance, as soon as the check is triggered. Your lead is made aware of this and can correct his entry before the data record is transferred to your system or you send a confirmation email.

Why it pays to check mail addresses

The need to check every email address is obvious: if you use a double opt-in (DOI) process and your lead, prospect or customer makes a mistake, the confirmation email will never reach them. This inevitably leads to the registration process being cancelled.Even if you manage without a confirmation email: An incorrect e-mail address leads to a "hard bounce" (non-delivery of the e-mail) and you lose an important communication channel. And by the way, this also allows you to detect fake entries and avoid costs for further processing of the jokers.

Identify temporary email addresses

We also recognise so-called "throwaway e-mails" (trash mails). These are email addresses that are usually only valid for 24 hours. These are available free of charge on every corner for particularly careful users who take spam avoidance very seriously. Legitimate, but not helpful for your customer contact. Ultimately, it is your decision how to deal with our warnings.

Stay in touch with your prospects and customers. Prevent bounces and fake emails and generate more sales thanks to correct communication data.

Make it smarter! No matter whether you need a

  • Mass check (with Excel/CSV files) or
  • API interface

our automated email address check completes the task in no time.

Your advantages as a customer of the Adresslabor:

  • immediately available, simple implementation, one interface, many services
  • everything necessary for data cleansing can be found on this website
  • Cost reduction and increased success through high-quality data maintenance
  • available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • no investment in training, hardware/software or maintenance
  • fair prices, top conditions, no long-term commitments

Watch the demo video here!