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Prices & Conditions

Profit from absolutely fair conditions

  • No contractual obligation
  • No minimum term
  • No minimum purchase quantities
  • No minimum annual turnover 
  • Only €10.00 minimum amount when topping up your credits
  • Register for free, secure 1,000 credits worth 10 €, simply test for free
  • No basic fee for setting up web service or bulk check.
  • All prices quoted are net prices. Plus the statutory value-added tax.

You can buy "credits" in the prepaid procedure and use them for any validations according to your needs. For regular customers, we are happy to activate our automatic "subscription invoice" with subsequent bank transfer or SEPA direct debit.

What does a check cost?

Mass check, web service and singel check:

You pay for all products/ validations) in "credits". One credit corresponds to one eurocent. So credits/100 = costs in euros.

Example: 1,000 address checks per 2 credits = 2,000 credits = 20.00 €.

You will find the prices by the product. Here are the most important links:

Address Check                      E-Mail Check                          Name Check (B2C)

Address-Check Pro               E-Mail-Check extended        Telephone directory           Fake Check

What amount should you charge?

You decide! All you need is an idea of it,

  • which tests (address check, fake check, telephone directory, ...)
  • over what period of time (e.g. one week, one month, one year, ... ) you would like to validate.

Add up the credits of your tests and multiply them by the expected number of requests in your chosen period. This gives you the credits you need.

Credits required/100 corresponds to the payment amount in euros. 

If you want to test a list in mass testing, we will do this calculation for you and show the required credits and the amount in euros.

The strategy is up to you. Short test period, load small amounts and try it out first or deposit for a larger period right away. Please note that we do not refund credits once they have been purchased and are no longer needed.

How does it work with the graduated prices?

The graduated prices refer to an enquiry volume per product and year. We want to keep the handling as simple as possible. That's why we do it this way: A year starts with the date of the first request for a product (regardless of whether it's a free test in the singel check, mass check or web service API) and ends exactly one year later. No fixed calendar years.

The starting price at the beginning is the price of the first scale. As soon as the next higher level is reached, we automatically credit the difference. A report informs you of this, which we send by e-mail at most once a week if there have been any account movements.