Special offer for fundraising organisations: 50% discount through cooperation with



As a customer of, you benefit twice: With just a few clicks, impressive donation forms can be created for your website. A classic donation form, an online form for memberships, an online form for sponsorships, a campaign donation, a project donation, or a donation form integrated into Facebook - the FundraisingBox is more versatile than any other solution on the market.

At the same time, you can use the services of Adresslabor via an extension of the Fundraisingbox without having to create an interface yourself. This is already integrated in the fundraising box.

Adresslabor would like to support the work of fundraising organisations. They do great things. That's why we offer all Fundraisingbox customers a guaranteed 50% discount on our already low prices. This offer applies to our own products Address Check DACH, Name Check, Fake Check and email Check.


  • No technical know-how necessary
  • No own interface development
  • Low prices, sponsored by Adresslabor for NPOs
  • Simplified donation processing
  • Better address quality increases the degree of automation, e.g. when sending donation receipts

Special prizes for non-profit organisations

Price per request fromtoCreditscorresponds in €
150.0001,00,01 €
50.001100.0000,750,0075 €
100.001250.0000,50,005 €
250.001500.0000,350,0035 €
500.0011.000.0000,250,0025 €
ab 1.000.001 0,20,002 €

All prices are net.


Technical information

Product keySC, EM, EMX, NC und FK
Mandatory fieldsSee the respective product or the documentation.
Available countriesVaries depending on the product. See products.
Reference typeExtension FundraisingBox, mass check, API (web service) and single check

Please note: Not all discountable products are integrated in the fundraising box. However, you can use them via the bulk check or a direct API to Adresslabor with the 50% discount.

Next steps

Step 1

Take a look at and choose your package. If you already use the FundraisingBox, this step is already done for you. For more information, including how to configure Adresslabor in the Fundraisingbox, see here

Step 2:

Register free of charge at You will then receive your "API Key" and your "API Customer ID". You can find these under "My account" in the account details. In addition, you will receive a starting credit of 1,000 credits (€10.00) for your first tests.

Step 3:

Get the extension "Adresslabor" in the FundraisingBox and enter your API Key and API Customer ID there and maintain the desired products and parameters.

Ready, you can start with your checks. As soon as you have obtained your first address check via the FundraisingBox, you will automatically receive the discounted prices for fundraisers.

The first 1,000 address checks are free of charge for you. 

Detailed information

Not a new product, but top conditions for you as a donation organisation

You use the same services that are described on the individual pages under "Products". With all the benefits and the full scope of services. We would like to honour your charitable work and grant you our special conditions exclusively as a customer of the FundraisingBox.

How do you get these special prices?

You use the "Adresslabor" extension of the FundraisingBox and thus the interface to us. Via this interface we recognise you as a non-profit organisation and automatically deposit the special prices for you in your customer account.

Which Adresslabor services can you use?

Simply all of them. Either via the FundraisingBox extension or directly via Once you are registered with us as a fundraiser, your special prices apply immediately.

Example: You regularly check your postal addresses via the FundraisingBox. In addition, you would like to start an email campaign before Christmas and check your email list once to make sure it is up to date. To do this, you can upload an Excel file to our mass check and start the check yourself. Also with 50% discount.

And that's what you get!

You increase your donation volume and at the same time you reduce your administrative effort and that in IT/ EDP.

With the FundraisingBox, you can create professional donation forms for your online campaigns with just a few clicks and without any technical background.  In this way, you ensure that donations are received quickly and easily via existing extensions of payment providers. With the Adresslabor extension, you ensure that your donor addresses only arrive in your database in a standardised and postally correct spelling. You will receive a warning message if there are errors in the address that cannot be corrected. You can automatically accept all others and, for example, immediately issue the donation receipt. Without further manual checks. For donation campaigns - whether by telephone, direct marketing (print) or e-mailing - you qualify your donor data in advance and prevent wastage. This is also easy on your marketing budget.