Address Check DACH

Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Liechtenstein


The "Address-Check DACH" (German-speaking region) is available in the Basic and Extended versions. These differ only in the additional information returned for an address.   

We check the combination of country, postcode, town and street and housenumber, detect spelling and typing errors or transposed numbers in the postcode. If a component in the checked address is incorrect, we return the standardised spelling and corrected results, provided we can assign a correct address. P.O. boxes with their own postal code (DE) are checked for the valid number range. Germany: For an individual or group bulk recipient with their own postal code, the postal code and city (without street) are already sufficient for the address to be valid. 

Basic (product key SC): In addition to the address, you receive the federal state and the district municipality key of the address found.

Extended (product key SCX):Returns additional information such as geo-coordinates, population figures, government districts, etc.! Details see documentation.

Source:  Building database of a well-known partner and own research.

Availability: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein


  • Better deliverability of mail (letter and parcel).
  • Optimisation in duplicate matching or data enrichment
  • Better hit rates in matching prevent multiple approaches and wastage
  • Enables regional analyses and route planning


SC (address check basic)

Price per request fromtoCreditscorresponds in €
150.0002,00,02 €
50.001100.0001,50,015 €
100.001250.0001,00,01 €
250.001500.0000,70,007 €
500.0011.000.0000,50,005 €
ab 1.000.001 0,40,004 €

SCX (address check extended)

Price per request fromtoCreditscorresponds in €
150.0004,00,04 €
50.001100.0003,00,03 €
100.001250.0002,00,02 €
250.001500.0001,40,014 €
500.0011.000.0001,00,01 €
ab 1.000.001 0,80,008 €
All prices quoted are net prices.

Technical information

Product keySC, SCX
Mandatory fieldsstreet, hno, zip, city, country (option: hno separatly or included in field street)
Available countriesGermany
Reference typeWeb service API (SC+SCX), Individual- and mass check(SC only )
PerformanceDepending on the quality of the data: 50 - 1.500 ms
Ø 80 ms/ address

Next steps

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Detailed information on address validation

Address cleansing, address validation and standardisation of postal addresses:

  • Country
  • Postcode/ zip code
  • City
  • Street
  • House number.

Our tool checks the combination of address components for validity, marks the address as correct or corrects and standardises it in case of slight deviations in spelling. Numerical errors in the postcode and simple typing errors are automatically corrected during address validation. Even incorrect country assignments are corrected for the DACH region.  If you request an address without a country, we determine this within the DACH region and deliver it back to you.

In the case of larger deviations or incorrect addresses that cannot be clearly corrected (ambiguous hits), a warning is issued. If necessary, manual research should be carried out or the customer should be given suggestions for correction on the website. Addresses that cannot be completely assigned are marked as invalid.

Your advantages with the address check

In the best case, the address entered by your customer is correct and everything is fine. Depending on the application, shop and offer, this is the case in over 90 percent of cases. If you are close to 100 per cent, then you may have no need for an address check.

The other ten percent, however, are the ones that cause unnecessary costs and effort. Addresses are misspelled or logically incorrect for a variety of reasons. There are people who enter the district instead of the city or the district instead of the official place name. Others simply mistype the postcode or get distracted during the entry process and forget to enter a part. Some are simply too "lazy" to enter a long but correct street name and abbreviate it.

Data enrichment

Add data to your customer base for analysis purposes, selection optimisation or route planning. Depending on the country and product (SC or SCX), you receive back the federal state, the district municipality key, the administrative district, population figures, geo-coordinates and other information. This helps you in sales and marketing.   

Detect fake entries through postal address verification

You can also spot jokers relatively quickly who enter a fantasy address on your website or application and don't really want to get into business contact with you. Some people are also afraid to enter their real data in a web form - this is a legitimate attitude, but will not get you anywhere in business. Sending your goods or advertising to "Teststr. 999" in "12345 Musterstadt" is likely to be unsuccessful, but will be expensive.

This leads to follow-up costs that you do not expect at first. Mail and parcels are returned with the note "undeliverable" or "recipient unknown". The postage is gone, the sales do not take place, the internal handling costs increase. Your advertising fizzles out with such addresses. A postal address check can save you from this.

Targeted elimination of duplicates

You may also get duplicates in your database due to insufficiently maintained data, because your system does not know phonetic duplicate search or there are additional discrepancies. Duplicate data records certainly don't bother your hard disk; storage space has become cheap. But an advertising mailing without prior address matching leads to a wrongly spent marketing budget and, in the worst case, to the annoyance of your customer because he has the mail in his letterbox several times. Do angry customers like to buy from you?

The address check of the address laboratory prevents all these pitfalls. Come and visit us, register free of charge and without obligation!

Do it better, fully automated and online, whether by individual check, API interface or mass check with Excel/CSV files: Use our address validation!

Why you should choose our address validation:

  • Immediately usable, easily implemented and highly compatible
  • all necessary information available on this website
  • careful data maintenance for lower costs and more turnover
  • customer service available around the clock
  • no maintenance, training or hardware/software necessary
  • best price conditions without long-term commitments

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