Fake Check


John Doe, Margit Thatcher, Tim Buktu or Donald Duck sign up for a page. Well, you can believe that, but you don't have to. At least our fake check warns you about dubious names.

Source:  Fake list with approx. 30,000 entries, syntax checks and other criteria prevent "keyboard hackers" from entering your database undisturbed.

Most of the time, such jokers not only fake the first and last name, but also the address and/or telephone number and e-mail. Thus, the combination with other tests often makes sense.

Availability: especially all German-speaking countries concerning fake names (D-A-CH), but additional rules also work for other countries.


  • Saves manual checking effort.
  • Save marketing costs on fakes. These people do not really want to buy anything.
  • Avoids customer annoyance if you trade with opt-in addresses.


Price per request fromtoCreditscorresponds in €
150.0002,00,02 €
50.001100.0001,50,015 €
100.001250.0001,00,01 €
250.001500.0000,70,007 €
500.0011.000.0000,50,005 €
ab 1.000.001 0,40,004 €

All prices are net.


Technical information

Product keyFK
Mandatory fieldsfirstname, lastname (optional: street, hno, zip,city, country)
Available countriesworldwide, with a focus on the fake list in German-speaking countries
Reference typeMass check, web service API, singel check

Next steps

Register now and test it free of charge. Or watch the demo video for the fake check:


Detailed information

Do you also have problems with data sets in which people call themselves "Donald Duck", "Angela Merkel", "Max Mustermann", "Horst Schlemmer", or even Mo Ron (and worse)?

We only partially know the motivation of people who do not register with real names. One reason is certainly the preservation of anonymity in social media or the fear of data misuse. Especially during and after the introduction of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), consumers have become increasingly sensitive about how they handle their personal data. That is also a good thing. But when it comes to a contractual relationship with you, you should already know who you are dealing with. Or to put it another way: anyone who fakes their data probably has little interest in a business relationship with you. In the best case, you won't do any business or receive any donations from such people. In the worst case, you don't notice anything about it, carry the joker record in your database and incur costs through marketing campaigns that won't bear fruit here.    

We have built our own fake list of over 30,000 terms and name combinations to identify the worst cases. It includes swear words, celebrity names, cartoon characters and much more. In addition, we have developed algorithms that recognise other peculiarities in first and last names. E.g. "Mr. Rolf Rolf" or "Ms. Tinaaa Grzgrz".

Of course, there is no 100% protection, the numerous fake name generators for online gamers already take care of that, but a lot of data junk can already be detected with Adresslabor's fake check. 

Tip: Fakers usually not only play with the name, but also give false telephone numbers and addresses. Parallel address checks and telephone checks increase the hit rate.

Do it better, make it fully automated and online: Do it with us!