Name Check (B2C)


The name check offers classic solutions for addresses (B2C) that you generate in your shop during checkout or registration:

  • Avoids the embarrassing, incorrect salutation of people.
  • Completes the salutation where it is missing
  • Recognises transposed first and last names
  • Finds and separates academic titles even if they appear somewhere in the first or last name
  • Converts names to upper/lower case with exceptions

Availability: Worldwide, title recognition in German-speaking countries (D-A-CH)


  • Increases advertising success through correct forms of address.
  • Avoids embarrassing, incorrect forms of address.
  • Finding duplicates better and easier helps save marketing budget.


Price per request fromtoCreditscorresponds in €
150.0002,00,02 €
50.001100.0001,50,015 €
100.001250.0001,00,01 €
250.001500.0000,70,007 €
500.0011.000.0000,50,005 €
ab 1.000.001 0,40,004 €

All prices are net.


Technical information

Product keyNC
Mandatory fieldsfirstname, lastname (optinal: salutation, title, country)
Available countriesDE, AT, CH (some components like salutation worldwide)
Reference typeMass check, web service API, single check
Performance10.000 names approx.. 75 sec., Ø 8 ms/ name

Next steps

Register now and test it free of charge. Or watch the demo video for the name check B2C:


Detailed information

The Name Check (B2C) enables you to personalise your mailings correctly and thus demonstrably increases your marketing success. It solves classic problems that arise when customers enter addresses themselves. For example, when registering in your webshop.

The form of address (Mr/Mrs) is checked and corrected or supplemented if necessary.

Recently I had a mailing to Rolf Paschold in my hand. The advertising message began with "Dear Mrs Paschold". Do I want to buy something? They think I'm a woman. Put it in the paper bin.

Maybe you don't have a salutation field at all or the customer clicks the wrong way in your selection box. Or you buy/rent third-party addresses for which the salutation was not really important. Whatever the case, for marketing reasons alone it makes sense to know the correct salutation of customers for selections. It makes no sense to try to sell the product "sanitary napkin" to men.

Conversion to upper/lower case

This function converts first and last names into the correct spelling, taking into account exceptions such as "von", "van", "der", etc.! MR MARKUS VON DER WIESE becomes Mr Markus von der Wiese.

One can of course personalise like this

Dear Mr. SAMPLEMAN,    

but it doesn't look professional.

It happens so quickly: A customer has pressed the SHIFT key, the other is too comfortable and always writes everything in lower case, or the data was delivered in inconsistent spellings, sometimes upper case, sometimes lower case, sometimes mixed.

Title recognition and extraction (German language titles only)

Recognises the academic title, regardless of where and in which field (first or last name) it appears. Extracts the title and transfers the content to a separate title field. First and last name are corrected at the same time.

The academic title often ends up in the first or last name, also due to the lack of a title field. This does not always make personalisation easy. After all, the title holder is proud of it and would also like to be addressed as "Dr. So-and-so". Perhaps you have seen a letter salutation like this before: "Dear Mr. So-and-so, Dr.," in which case the title was not recognised. We will correct this. 

Exchanged first and last names

Yes, the "Huber Sepp". He has entered his surname in the first name field and vice versa. If you don't notice this, because you may not be able to check every record manually, this is what happens with your next personalised newsletter or mailing:

"Dear Mr. Sepp!" 

Do it better, make it fully automated and online: Do it with us!